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Sunday, February 19, 2006


United Nations of America

United Nations, an organization whose primary objective was to prevent war, failed to prevent the war on Iraq by the American forces. America effectively misguided or rather pressured UN and other countries in waging the war against Iraq alleging the presence of so called weapons of Mass destruction which were never to be found. This war, which was waged without any conclusive evidence and only with united gut feel of America, caused immense misery and problems to the people of Iraq not to mention the human rights violation in Abu Ghraib. United Nations was a silent watcher of all these events.

Iran, the country which was described as an Axis of Evil, by George W Bush, in 2002 is the center of attention now. It was in 2003 that IAEA, the nuclear watchdog of UN, started asking questions about the Iran nuclear activities, for which Iran responded by allowing the officials of IAEA to even visit their nuclear facilities to see the activities which IAEA considered to be suspicious. In 2004, Iran was asked to suspend the nuclear activities for the reason that they may have not disclosed all their nuclear research activities. Again the decision was taken without any conclusive evidence and only gut feel to prevent Iran from continuing its nuclear activities. USA is again following the same strategy of misguiding and pressurizing the countries of the world in this issue.

Both UN and USA have forgotten to learn from history. USA should learn from Iraq not to make allegations in world affairs without conclusive evidence, UN should learn from League of Nations.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What can i do

Long time since i wrote in the blog. Anyway no one reads it, but still i will continue. Anyway i dont have anything to write about now. So what can i do. Even in real time i feel like the pressure on my head is too less. I feel like i am here to do nothing. I see people, my friends doing a lot of work, writing papers, doing assignments, participating in other activities, studying etc. But i can say that i am a diametric opposite. NOTHING TO DO. The ssignments that i do are not exerting that much pressure. I know there is a lot of work to be done in the IIM's. But seriously i did a better work when i was preparing for CAT. But even if i dont have any official work to do i am keeping myself busy with activities of personal interest like sports, jogging, quizzing, reading watching movies and the like. The interest clubs are keeping themselves busy, of course there are also some non working clubs but still they are busy and all my friends are part of these clubs and are surrounded by activities while there is only emptiness all around me. Finally one thing more anyway doing work is boring

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Super staaru yaarunnu ketta

You can criticize him, you can argue against him, you can say he is spoils youngsters, but the one thing you cannot do is to ignore this man. I am referring to Super Star Rajnikanth affectionately called Thalaivar (Leader) by his fans, who may reach millions. His fans range from the autowala to a millioniare, from a three year old kid to guy in his fifties, from southern india to Japan. A man who rose from the lowest strata of the society to this stardom purely because of his skills, charisma and hard work. Rajnikanth or Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, was born in maharashtra, worked as a bus conductor in Bangalore. His break came when he was spotted by K Balachandar in his movie Aboorva Raagangal along with one of the best actors, Kamalhaasan.
He played a cameo in that movie but his subsequent movies brought out the excellent actor hidden in him. Especially the eponymous role of Parattai played in the movie 16 Vayadhinilae was one of those which no tamil movie goer will forget. Not to mention another eponymous role in the same movie performed by Kamal "Chappaani". If i Write about thalaivar i will require a whole day for now bye more about thalaivar will continue.....

P.S. Thalaivar Vaaaazhga

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Placement revelations

I am here comfortably sitting in my abode, on top of my favorite hill, neither caring of my past nor of the future, living in the present, not considering power, politics, wealth,lust and money but only caring about the second at hand and how i can pass this second. But the more one runs from the past the more it follows you and pushes you towards the future. Let me stop here and think of something, something that is synonymous with judgement day. The placement process.

What the placement brings to the table, what truth it reveals to an average student.

1) The time of the year when you will come to know that your worst competitors are no one other than your best of friends.

2) The time you will realise that the ultimate objective of your two years is, placement and not what you have learnt.

3) The time you see that there is no correllation between what you speak in the GD and what you do

4)The time you see the guy who does not give a damn to close the tap of the washbasin talking lengths about water conservation

5) The time you realise that words speak louder than actions. The more you speak the better you are

6) The time you realise that you are alone in the world.

7) The time when all the people around you look smart other than you

8) The time you know that the interview panel is the 11nth incarnation of lord Vishnu.

9) The time when people congratulate each other like the beauty contest contestants do.

10) The time when you have to fight in a fishmarket

11) The time when you have to answer to gods in human form, who are cool, composed and condescending.

someone said "All the world is a stage" but placement is the best part of the drama

These revelations are not from my personal experience but just a thought

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Irritation overcome

Its been a long time since i posted something in my blog. The reason being that i was pissed off because i was the only person who reads the blog, comments and writes.
Now i overcame my irritation simply by the urge to write something and i am sure i am writing 'something'.

Creative stuffs are difficult to create that only a few people can do but there are millions of morons in this world to comment about other people's work as badly as they can. These bozo's are not capable of creating something or atleast do something useful but ready to give comments, suggestions and advices to others which are better forgotten. Forget these Dickheads let me write something on the topic I played the game Grand theft auto and thats the reason for the language i have used above.

Its a sexy game where all the hidden desires of mankind to lie, cheat and steal comes to reality. the lead character is a don who comes with nothing to vice city but makes a fortune there by working as a henchman. finally he kills his boss and becomes a hotshot himself. play the game if you are pathetically bored. Not for Kids

Sunday, July 03, 2005


I was just wondering what will happen to us after we die some of the ideas, that came to my mind, can be silly, are

1) When a person dies in counter strike he is given the option of free look. Is it possible in real life
2) The body is just a chemical composition of atoms and molecules which have developed special ability to work together and form complex structures like man. After a particular period these molecules that have joined together in a co-operative manner may fail to stick together and hence they break that result in death. Hence after death we will gain be broken down into molecules and atoms of chemicals not capable of thinking
3) The soul is the guardian of the body, which wanders away from the body when we sleep but keeps in touch with the body during sleep, thinks that the body is unfit for it to live and leaves the body in search of a new one. The soul loses the memory of its previous self since the memories are stored in the brain which perishes with the body, but the soul contains some impressions of the previous life.
4) Death is caused when the subconscious mind wants the body to die. The subconscious mind of the person is in touch with every thing in this world and causes the death of a person. For example when a person dies because of some natural disaster, it is only the subconscious mind of all the people dieing in the disaster that causes it.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Eva Braun  Posted by Hello

Eva Braun

Eva Braun was an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. She had an unusual beauty that was the sole reason for her place in history. Hitler wanted a simple girl, not interested in Politics and one who loved only him and Eva Braun was that one.

Eva was born in 6th February 1912 as the daughter of Fritz and Francisca Braun. Fritz wanted his daughter to become an actress but Fransisca was interested in making her a fashion designer. After leaving her studies she joined the Hein Reich Hoffman stores as a storekeeper.

One day Hitler came to Hoffman and Eva was cleaning the store and that was the first time they met. Hitler was introduced to her as Wolf. Since Eva was not interested in politics she didn’t know who Hitler was and she was surprised when she found that Mr. Wolf was actually Adolf Hitler

Eva was born for Hitler; they were made for each other since Eva was not so intelligent and will not interfere in his matter which is the same he wanted. Hitler had so many girlfriends he was in love with Geli reubel, who was his sister’s daughter; Geli also loved Hitler truly before she committed suicide with Hitler’s pistol.

Eva also tried to kill herself but was saved by her sister. After a month after her suicide attempt when her parents were driving they found a Nazi car and the car had their 20 year old daughter and Adolf Hitler. They opposed their love but in vain. Hitler never cared about Eva’s parents. Eva also presented Fritz with a golden watch and invited him for dinner which he refused.

Leni Riefenstahl, the actress also popularized Hitler’s propaganda in her films. She helped Hitler in writing his biography. But Hitler on the other hand prevented Eva from learning photography which she was interested in but she took most of the pictures of Hitler. When England and France declared war against Germany Eva was playing with the flowers in the garden and those were some of the happiest moments in her life.

She loved romantic novels and film magazines and she called Hitler as fuehrer. She most of the time spent her time in entertainment and music which she can’t live without. It is believed that Eva didn’t have any idea about Hitler's anger against the Jews. She was neither a activist nor a supporter of Jews but she made herself a slave of Hitler.

Even during the World War II when Germany was being attacked from all fronts it is believed that Eva lived a happy life. She spoke against the war for the simple reason that she was not able to get her cosmetics because of the war. After his meeting with death when he escaped the assassination (See a plot) Hitler wrote a letter to Eva, about the attempt and said he was convalescing. She wrote back calling him to live a peaceful life with her. She also said that she cannot live without Hitler. Eva then moved with Hitler to the bunker where he lived. One thing that is clear is that they both loved each other very much and were crazy about each other.

March 1945 when the allied forces were in Germany, Hitler and Eva were hiding in a bunker. They finally married Hitler before the day they died. It is believed that they married just to prove that their love was true. She signed for the first time as Eva Hitler after striking the B. They both killed themselves after 48 hours of their marriage. Hitler consumed a cyanide capsule and Eva died with his gun. She said to her hairdresser that her dead body should also look beautiful.

Her sister Elisa named her daughter after her dead sister Eva. But Elisa’s daughter committed suicide at the age of 17 when her friend died in an accident.

Jaipur Part One

This blog unlike many others has been different in one aspect. I don’t write about my personal life. I always had the feeling that others will not be interested in knowing about me. The second reason is that I didn’t like boasting about myself, I did that I did that. The third reason is that my life is not open to everyone. But in some of my writings I have touched my personal experiences in a superficial manner. Anyway I will be touching upon my life now for the simple reason that I want to share my experiences in Jaipur with the readers of my blog.

I was born in Chennai, and spent more than 15 years of my childhood in a place called Triplicane. I felt more comfortable with the blaring noise of the city and the lights of the sodium lamps. But after we shifted our home I missed all this. My college was also situated out of the city and also IIM Indore. Even now I used to look at the city lights from the hostel at IIM Indore.

But I felt the memories of my past coming back to me in Jaipur. The last thing I expected in this place was nostalgia. But I can’t help myself getting nostalgic since tonk phatak; the place I am staying in Jaipur is an exact replica of big street in Triplicane. Same kind of book stores, same type of market which stretches through out the street.

After finding a decent accommodation in Jaipur, I immediately went to the tourist office to get a map of Jaipur city. I also got some tourist information about the city. The cost of living is relatively cheap when compared to Chennai. It will take 150/- bucks to travel to most of the historical destinations.

I wanted to travel to some places on my own without taking the tourism help. So I took a map and set out to explore this beautiful city. About 1 km from tonk patak is a place called Jawahar Kala Kendra, a place that is supposed to be an artistic location. Most of the galleries in JKK were closed, I was able to visit only one gallery that was open there, the sphatic art gallery, and the gallery was filled with paintings and sculptors by some of the local people. The paintings were good to look at but I was only able to enjoy them (not understand). I had my breakfast in Jawahar Kala Kendra and set out for my next destination.

The lakshminarayana temple or the Birla temple was my next destination. I still continued to walk all the way from Jawahar Kala Kendra to Birla temple. One thing that I understood while traveling Jaipur was never to rely on the information from one single person since twice I was shown the wrong way but being a smart traveler (At least think so) I found out Birla temple. It was about to close but I reached there Just In Time (JIT). As the name suggests the lakshminarayana temple was built by the Birlas. It also housed the Birla museum but the museum was closed. Close to the Lakshminarayana temple was the fort of Rani Gayathri Devi. She stays there.

My next destination was the Ganesh temple which was very close to the Birla temple. The places seemed less famous attracting very few tourists. After the Ganesh temple I traveled to the international dolls museum. The museum was inaugurated by Bhairon Singh Shekawat in the year 1979. It was housed near the school for deaf and blind children. The money from the museum went to that school. The ticket was two rupees, the museum consisted of two sections namely Indian dolls and international dolls. Indian dolls consisted of dolls depicting the various states of India. International dolls as the name suggests consisted of dolls depicting the people of various countries. The Japanese dolls were the most beautiful of all the dolls I found there.

The next place was the museum of Indology. But the fare was quiet high (40 bucks per head). The funniest thing is that if two people come then the fare is 20 per head. I didn’t go to this museum since the costing done was forbidding and funny.

I was tired by this time because of the long walks; I took a rickshaw for eight bucks and set out to the Albert hall which houses the central museum. Before going to the museum I went to the state zoo which was nearby, the ticket cost me 10 bucks. Zoo was an interesting place always; I was welcomed by two tigers, May be the missing tigers of Sariska. (I also had a plan to go to Sariska but decided the other way). Then there were other animals like panther, white tiger, Himalayan bear, brown bear, Lion, Gharial, croc, sambhar, Ibis, Macaque, jackal, hyena etc. Most of the animals were kept in their natural habitats but some were there in cages.

Then I went to the final destination the Albert hall/central Museum. It was a princely building with a lot of pigeons and people. It contained some reproduced paintings of Rameses and other Egyptian and Greek paintings. It also had some reproductions of the paintings from the Hindu mythology like Ramayana and Mahabharata. It also had reproduced versions of Mona Lisa (one of my wish is to see the original in lauvre) and a sarcophagus from Egypt.

After my mini trip I was like hell tired on my way back I rested for sometime in the Ram Nivas Garden before I took a rickshaw to tonk patak back to the confines of my room.